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a fan community for exist†trace

This is a community for the all-girl, Japanese visual band, exist†trace. Members can discuss recent news, releases, and information, or share media, translations, etc. All fans are encouraged to join; but please make sure to read the ↓rules↓ before posting!

exist†trace is Jyou (ジョウ) on vocals; Omi (乙魅) and Miko on guitar; Naoto(猶人) on bass; & Mally on drums.

Posts are friends-only, so please join the community in order to see them.

① All posts must be related to exist†trace.
Posts such as =
○ fanart
○ graphics
○ live reports
○ news [releases; concerts; etc]
○ scans
○ translations [lyrics; interviews; etc]

Avoid posting ≠
● fanfiction [there are other jrock communities for that]
● introductory posts ↓
● spam [advertising your community is not allowed without prior approval]
● & fandom related entries that should be kept in your own personal livejournal. you be the judge.

② Avoid introductory posts.
We're happy to welcome new members, but it's annoying to read 500 posts in a row saying, "Hello my name is ____ and I'm a new member!" It may come as a surprise to you, but more often than not, nobody really cares. If you'd like to introduce yourself, a good way to do so would be offering some news, media or graphics along with saying hello. If you're active enough, people will get to know you anyway.

③ Please place multiple/large images and videos behind a livejournal cut.
This includes but is not limited to: scans, livejournal icons, wallpapers, etc. If you're unsure how to do a livejournal cut, please refer to this page. It would also be wise to post large text (such as live reports) behind a cut as well.

④ Be courteous: everyone here is a fan.
Remember we're here to talk & meet with other fans, not to be cruel to each other! Mods are watching the community to avoid pointless LJ drama, and will not tolerate rude or inappropriate behavior.

Rules are subject to change, but all members will be notified when it happens.